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Interference of parents of the girl in her married life

Interference of parents of the girl in her married life 

(Reason to Increase Divorce in India)

main reason to Divorce are parents of the Girl
In many cases newly married girls are also showing impatience after their marriage in dealing with various matters in the house of their husband or in-laws which leads to problem. In case of any problem they just contact their parents over phone without realizing that their parents would feel nervous due to it. In such cases sometimes their parents instead of giving them constructive advices start giving them wrong advises of going for a revolt which enhances problems in married life. Parents of some girls interfere too much in their married lives.

Marriage against the wishes of man or woman

Children consents are important to live long live
In some cases married men or married women wants to take a divorce because the marriage was done forcefully against their wishes by their parents moreover when they wanted to marry some other person of their choice. But on the contrary to that it has also been observed that in such cases many men and women instead of thinking of a Marriage against the wishes of man or woman plan to accept it as their fate.

Mother-in-law & daughter-in-law conflict or conventional 'Saas-Bahu conflict'  

Mother in-Law is increasing Divorces in India?
One another reason behind married life problems or family life problems in countries of Indian sub continent is maladjustment between a married woman with her mother in law or/and sister in law due to which husband wife relationship also gets affected many times. Most of the Parents Interference are the main reason to increase divorce in India don't know how to cook food or even if she knows she doesn't finds time to do it due to her job which her mother-in-law doesn't likes & which leads to conflict. In some cases mother-in-laws develop a sense of insecurity after the marriage of their son that their daughter-in-law will snatch her son from her some day which leads to sense of insecurity in mother-in-law & she starts behaving negatively with her daughter-in-law. In some cases it has been observed that the nature of mother-in-law is also not good & she is a very short tempered or dominating lady.

In such conflicts these days usually daughter-in-law goes back to her parent's house and starts forcing her husband to start living separately from his parents as soon as possible and only then she'll come back to live along with her. In such cases if husband goes according to the wishes of his wife then the married life is saved but if he revolts his wife then married life ends in a break up. Such conditions are a big problem for many Indian men. Internally many men don't want to leave their parents in their old age but on the other hand side living along with wife and child or children who took birth from their marriage also becomes essential. In such conditions some men don't want to leave their parents because of the fear that if he leaves his parents then he would not be able to get his part in parental property so easily.

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